Where I Create

My studio is in the lower level of our house, the garden level, not quite basement, not quite above ground. I have two lovely windows, which provides amazing light, especially during our Alaskan summers with 24 hours of light. My space is filled with second-hand furniture and storage solutions. I love vintage stuff.

This space started life as the third bedroom in our house. When we first moved in I tossed up shelves and bought a desk just to get myself started, Since then, I've spent some time making over the room. I got rid of closet doors and created a beautiful creative space where I spend large parts of my day.

The closet space has been converted with built in shelving and the addition of a couple of dressers. My two matching dressers started life as military furniture, and I'm guessing they were surplussed off. We bought them third, or maybe fourth or fifth hand. They were black, ugly and pretty banged up. They were quite the project, as they needed some serious repair and quite a bit of sanding and painting. The end result created some lovely hidden storage for my creative space.

I have a vintage rocker tucked in one corner, another second-hand treasure. I'd like to have it recovered, but all in good time. I had plans of turning it into a cozy reading space, but it's been commandeered by the cats as the perfect place to take naps. Maybe someday the cats will let me sit there. I also have a small sewing table for extra space, that serves as a pseudo writing desk.

My shelves are filled with art supplies and binders of ideas, including six boxes of photographs, wishing they were in the empty scrapbooks sitting on one of the shelves. Some day...

I use CD cases for storing my stamps, both cling mount and clear. I've also spent a lot of time unmounting my wood stamps. I'm not quite finished, but I'm getting there. Wood mounted stamps are lovely, that is until you move multiple times. After move number two I started having second thoughts about their weight and the amount of space they take up. I'll be honest, I use them more now that they are unmounted than I did when they were on their wood blocks.

There are a couple of clothes line type displays in my studio, created from trim board, framing hardware, and some clips. These are screwed right to the wall, no fancy hanging hardware to fight with. I use one for a card display where I hang every handmade card I receive. The other is a work in progress spot where I hang backgrounds waiting for the next step.

My art desk is a heavy, vintage beast and it was quite a challenge getting it down into my studio, but it was worth it and I LOVE IT! I also have a six-foot white plastic table covered with brown kraft paper. I cover the table for a couple of reasons, one to cut the static that those things hold and two to protect the surface from my creative process.

Above my desk, I have an is an oil drip pan from the automotive section, sprayed it with a couple of coats of spray paint and turned into a magnetic board to hold small embellishments.

I keep a bulletin board to stick postcards and other inspirational bits on. There are a few different little spaces that I tuck mementos and ephemera - vintage file baskets, recipe boxes and even a few plastic baskets and drawer units.

There are ideas in my head for repainting the walls and tearing out the carpet. There's a weird nook with a built in bookcase that needs to be made more functional, but it's all a work in progress.