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Where I Create - Studio Tour

Don't you always wonders about the space people create in?  I know I always love seeing the space where others create.  I'm very blessed in the house we currently own, the third bedroom is slowly being converted into my ideal studio space.    Let's have a look at my space...

I spent last summer making over what used to be the closet space.  When we first moved in, I made do with the space.  We started with just removing the doors and tossing up some shelves, but as time progressed I knew it wasn't going to work if I was going to work in this space.  It needed better shelving to create the more organized space I craved.  Everything was moved out, then I spent time painting the inside of the closet and painting new shelves.  Hubby helped install the rail system my shelves are all hung on.  I installed the shelves, arranging them in a way that was both appealing to the eye, as well as functional.  

I created some great hidden storage, for not a lot of money, with two dressers where secondhand garage sale deals.   Hubby helped me repair drawers and missing trim.   There was sanding and lots of painting done to cover the black paint they were covered in.  Hardware was added to dress things up and give them finishing touches.   

Above my desk are a couple of DIY projects.  The card display is for both inspiration and decor.  Every handmade card I receive goes up there.  Created from trim board cut to a custom size, framing hardware, and some curtain clips from IKEA and clips from Tim Holtz.  These are screwed right to the wall, no fancy hanging hardware to fight with.  I really love having all the colorful inspiration right in front of me.  

The second DIY above my desk is an oil drip pan from the automotive section.  I sprayed it with a couple of coats of spray paint and again screwed it right to the wall.  The heart containers were leftover from our wedding, several years ago.  I glued magnets to the back of each container, filled them with all the little brads and eyelets I had and stuck them to my new magnet board.  I find I use these little bits more when they're at my fingertips, instead of being tucked in a container on the shelf.

The third DIY above my desk is a Pinterest inspired project.  I saw a lot of ideas using inexpensive wooden embroidery hoops and fabric to decorate with.  All of which were lovely, but when I put mine up I felt like it needed something more.  In my stash of crafting goodness, I had several vintage tart tins, perfect fit for my little wall art project.  The tins each got a small hole drilled in them and then a large jump ring was affixed so that I could hang them on the wall.

My main desk is a heavy, vintage beast and it was quite a challenge to get into my studio, but I LOVE IT!  The other half of my L-shape is a six-foot white plastic table covered with brown kraft paper.  I covered the table for a couple of reasons, one to cut the static that those things hold and two to protect the surface from my creative process.  

I have two windows that let in a lot of natural light.  I put a second card display on another wall to hold family photos.  There's a giant dry erase board where I write quotes and other ideas.  I keep a bulletin board to stick postcards and other inspirational bits on.  There are a few different little spaces that I tuck mementos and ephemera.  There's a rocker tucked in one corner, another secondhand treasure.  I'd like to have it recovered, but all in good time.  I have a small table for extra space or setting up my sewing machine when the mood strikes.  

In the nook, next to the once closet space, has a  huge, heavy bookcase, that is on my list of "needs a makeover," which houses sewing and embroidery supplies.  That's the project on my list for this summer.  I'll be doing a shelving system like the rails in the other space.  

I'd like to paint the walls in my studio and I currently have carpet on my floor.  Both someday projects.  Paint to brighten the space during the long dark Alaska winters and an easier to clean flooring system. 

You can check our more studio pics by visiting my Shots from the Studio Album over on Flickr.