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This is My Artist Story
Coffee, Creativity & Photography. Wyoming girl, with a Missouri heart, living in Alaska

When you live in the frozen Interior of Alaska you need a hobby. The winters are long, dark, and usually bitter cold, while the summers can sometimes be abundantly rainy, but most often are beautiful and warm with nearly 24 hours of light.  Card making is a great way to move through the seasons, no matter what Mother Nature has in store.  I'm inspired by the creative life I choose to live and the world that surrounds me. 
What's crazy is that I've been making cards for nearly three decades.  I was in high school when a rubber stamping store opened in my hometown.  Rocky Mountain Impressions was a tiny little shop, lined with wood mounted stamps.  In this little shop, I learned the magic of embossing powered, how to make tiny gift bags from envelopes, how to layer images and some cool ink techniques I still use today.  It was here that I fell in love with the world of rubber stamps and learned to make cards.

If you'd have asked me back then I would have told you it was a phase.  I would have never guessed I would pack my rubber stamping and card making supplies through four states and expand my skills as we moved around.  I've added die cutting and mixed media goods to my stash of card making supplies.  I use watercolor techniques and still love the embossing.  

Pen and Ink is a newer passion I've added in the past few years.  Until about two years ago, my drawing skills had been boxed up in the corner of my mind for the last 20 plus years.  I picked up a book about zentangle and pulled out some pens and a sketchbook from my stash.  I started to play, doodle, sketch, and draw.  While I never really caught the zentangle fever, it sparked my desire to draw again.  I'm now embracing this art and creating adorable pieces of art.  

I invite you to take a virtual wander around my space.  Be sure to check out Where I Create for a studio tour and open the Card Vault, where I showcase past card creations.  If you're a fellow maker, I hope you'll find inspiration, and if you share please give credit where credit is due.